School Direct

School Direct for placements in 2017/18

We have 2 placements with Warwick University and Polesworth High - 1 salaried and 1 unsalaried

We have 1 placement with Wolverhampton University and Dosthill Primary - 1 unsalaried

William MacGregor is a friendly and caring community school, with a vision to inspire, aspire and achieve. It was recognised in 2013 by OFSTED as being a good school “Teaching and Learning are good because teachers have high expectations of pupils, provide interesting work for them to do and keep a close check on their learning”. Our staff are constantly striving to improve their practice and use partnerships and research to develop their teaching styles. 

Our school is a popular ‘one form entry’ primary school, with 7 classes over 7 year groups. We consistently attract children from outside our catchment area. We are well resourced and our pupils have excellent access to a wide range of facilities. We are part of a network of Tamworth primary schools, called the Belgrave Learning Network Community (BLNC), who collaborate to share expertise and support.  

Our children are our greatest asset; they work incredibly hard to achieve their best. Our curriculum develops key skills of collaboration, independence and resilience so that the learning culture in each classroom is second to none. They are proud to attend William MacGregor. 

Our achievements include being a Full Dyslexia Friendly school and a Rights Respecting School Level 1. The RRS is embedded in our whole ethos; it has improved the children’s understanding of children’s rights all around the world and the responsibilities that come with those rights. 

This is our third year in the Polseworth Partnership with Warwick University employing a salaried school direct student and an unsalaried student for the 2017/18 academic year.

In our first year of working with a school direct teacher, our teacher received the Anne Barnes award for inspirational teaching from Warwick University. We are very proud of her achievements and the quality of training our school and the University provided for her. She is now a permanent teacher at William MacGregor moving up the pay progression rapidly and leading Science across the school. Please follow this link to find out what the partnership can offer you.

Last year we also joined the Dosthill partnership working with Wolverhampton University employing an unsalaried school direct teacher. His training over the 12 months ensured he completed his school direct year with outstanding observations. He now has a permanent teaching position at Dosthill Primary School. Please follow this link to find out what the partnership can offer you.

We have recently joined the DfE’s School Experience Programme (SEP) for primary schools, a great opportunity to gain school experience whilst deciding if teaching is the career for you. People apply though the portal and negotiate up to 10 days work experience at our school. 

I hope this information has given you some insight into our school and the school direct programme, however a visit to the school would be more beneficial. Please come and visit us if you have the opportunity.