Welcome to the Ladybirds page!

We have had an 'egg-cellent' science week! It began with us learning how to solve crimes using forensic evidence


Then we had a crime of our own to solve!! We came in to class to find Humpty Dumpty had only gone and fallen off our newly built wall. The children quickly got to task, recording the evidence and making decisions about what had happened.

We didn't want the same thing to happen to the rest of our egg friends, so we built houses to protect them. When Mrs Norton came in to help us, we put our houses to the test!



Oh dear, what a mess! 6 of our 17 eggs survived the fall from the wall and we've learnt the importance of wrapping our eggs tightly and protecting them with lots of padding.

Congratulations to Sophia, our 'Star of the Week'! She has worked hard all week and has enjoyed completing her learning challenges. She has shown excellent learning behaviours and her efforts at home and school are really paying off. Sophia sees new learning as a challenge and is always keen to give things a try. Her writing is a pleasure to read and we are very proud of her success.

 Ella Rose, Noah and Chace

The children have been given another maths task this week. Understanding the language of maths is very important at this young age, so we would like them to practise describing amounts as well as understanding what is meant by the words we use - less, least, few, fewer, more, most etc. Please use the homework sheet as as a starting point and look for other ways to challenge them this week.

If you would like to email a photograph to us, please use the Ladybirds email address, which is:

Don't forget to go onto Bug Club and look at the books we have put on. The children should also be reading the words in their sound wallet fluently now and should be spelling words containing the purple sounds by themselves. Why not try giving them a chance to be the teacher this week and see if they can teach you to spell words like chain, sheep, sing etc.

Next week we will read, retell, and roleplay the story of the three little pigs. We will become builders and problem solvers whilst keeping an eye out for that greedy wolf!



We will read and write sentences from the story, make warning signs and write a letter from the wolf to the three little pigs, using 'Fred Talk' to improve our spelling.


10 is our number of the week, so we will use the 10 frames and Numicon to make number bonds to 10. Alongside this, we will look at division, through sharing amounts between our characters.