Welcome to the Ladybirds page!


This week, we have been planting seeds to grow our own vegetables and flowers. The children have worked hard filling containers and the raised flower beds with new soil and compost. Alex brought in some Red Pepper seeds, so we are keen to see how a pepper plant grows, as well as the other seeds we planted. 

Congratulations to Max, our star of the week! He has built on his success last week, where he earned the Golden Apple and has continued to listen well all week, ask questions and get more involved in his learning. He has also shown super kindness, looking after someone who felt unhappy. 

We hope you enjoy a lovely weekend with Barnaby.


The homework this week is for children to think about the food they eat as a snack and decide which foods they think are healthy and which ones are not as good for them. Please encourage them to talk about why the food is not so good for them, and understand that it doesn't mean they can't eat those foods, but they have to limit the amount they eat so they don't become unhealthy.

If you would like to email a photograph to us, please use the Ladybirds email address, which is:

Don't forget to go onto Bug Club and look at the books we have put on. The children should also be reading the words in their sound wallet fluently now and should be spelling words containing the purple sounds by themselves. Why not try giving them a chance to be the teacher this week and see if they can teach you to spell words like chain, sheep, sing etc.

Next week we will continue our work on growth and healthy eating. We plan to enjoy tasting fruits and develop our vocabulary when describing how they taste and feel. On Monday, we would like to make fruit skewers and eat them in class. Please could you send some fruit in that you know your child likes to eat and we will help them to cut it up and put it on their skewer.



We will continue to get ready for moving up to year one and go into their class for a handwriting lesson. We will practise reading sentences from the story and will write some sentences and descriptions of our own.


We will continue to make up amounts of money with small value coins and will look at solving problems involving number.