Welcome to the Ladybirds page!

Week Beginning 25th November 2019


This week, we have been looking at British Values and how we have our say! Children voted daily for who they wanted to be class Prime Minister, Eliah, Olivia, Ivy, Roo and Euan were chosen by the children. They took on roles to make decision about who should work in the Houses of Parliment. Children voted for which story they would like each day and wrote about why they would make a great Prime Minister.

Congratulations to Sophie, our star of the week! She has had a super half term. Sophie has settled into Ladybirds well and she uses her perfect manners all of the time. 

We hope you have a lovely week with Willow!

Home learning this week is to practice all sounds we have learned so far. Please remember to read and get your diary signed 5 times a week.


Next week is all about the out doors! Weather permitting we hope to do the majority of our learning outside. Please can all children bring wellies, waterproof coats, hats and gloves as even if it is raining we will be outdoors. We will be making bird feeders from pine cones and birds nests from twigs. We will also  build a cave for a bear to live and a bridge to help the bear cross a frozen river. Children will write about what they can see, hear, smell, touch and taste in autumn/winter. They will go on an autumn hunt and spot leaves and animals. They will practice sounds in the snow and enjoy completing their literacy in our Winter Wonderland. They will apply their maths knowledge of comparing and orderinal numbers 1st, 2nd and 3rd. Children will race each other and award positions. Children will make paint brushes from natural objects and paint the leaves on trees. They will create a hedgehog using leaves and problem solve in groups to see how they can get the conkers and leaves to travel through the water ramps.



We will continue to practice writing our names and the sounds we will learn this week will be j,v,w and x. We will also practice the Tricky words, I, go, no and the.


We will continue to develop our knowledge of numbers 1,2 & 3 and apply this to comparing, ordering and showing which is greater than, less than and equals to. The children will use number lines, part whole models, number sentences and tens frames.


Next week we will be choosing parts for the Christmas Nativity Production, which will be held at Elim Church on Thursday 19th December at 8.45am. All children will need to come dressed in their costume with their school uniform in a bag to change after. Thank you to all the parents who have offered to walk back to school with us that morning.