Welcome to the Ladybirds page!

This week we have enjoyed working with the Paw Patrol to understand about the jobs people do to help us. Our week started with an exciting visit from the Tamworth Fire Service and continued with the work of the Police, Crossing Patrol, Recycling and Water Safety.

Congratulations to James! For making such a great start to school life and for the wonderful impression he has made on all the teachers that work with him. He tries hard and is incredibly enthusiastic about his learning.

Chace, Ella and Sophia

We will practise letter formation for the next few weeks. Please choose 6 colours to help you practise forming each letter correctly. Look for the start point, and make your rainbow letter. Once you have done this you can practise on the page and then think of some words that start with each sound.

We will continue to learn about the jobs people do and how we can develop our interests and skills to aspire to do a job we will be good at and really enjoy. The children will be coming home to ask you about your jobs, or maybe a job that you have aspirations to do.


We will learn four more sounds and continue to blend sounds together to read new words, as well as,  'sound talk' words so we can begin to spell them.

We will continue to recognise numbers 10 and 20 and look at pattern.