Welcome to the Ladybirds page!


A very big well done to all the Ladybirds! We have been practising our singing, learning lines and stage directions for the past few weeks, and today they got the chance to enjoy performing at Elim Church. They did such a good job, everyone spoke up and sang clearly, and together, made us all smile as we remembered the reason we celebrate Christmas. We were sad not to have Ella and Chace with us, but thank them for all of their hard work leading up to the big day. Thank you very much to Brenda at Elim Church, who made the experience possible.

Congratulations to Sylvia! She has been our 'lead singer' for the past few weeks, learning the lyrics to the songs really quickly (even before the staff), and encouraging the other children to join in. She has enjoyed the challenges this week and has continued to behave excellently during all of the disruptions.

Ella (last week), Leart and Chloe

We began our week with a fantastic trip to Ash End House Farm. The children thoroughly enjoyed helping the farmer to feed the animals. We also got to re-enact the Christmas story before we saw Santa. We have been very busy in class, enjoying Christmas weighing, acting in our very own stable and writng lists to take shopping or send to Santa.


We are still continuing to send letter formation practice home so that you can see how we ask the children to form each letter, and also, so they can practise at home. Please be watchful that they don't use incorrect formation in their play or writing at home, as this will set them back in class.  Please encourage your child to write as much of their homework as possible, particularly the new page, where the children need to add a label for each picture.

Please don't forget to go onto Bug Club and look at the books we have put on. The children are all reading books with words now, so the more practise they get, the more fluent they will become.

Next week, we will continue with our Christmas theme and enjoy lots of Arts and Crafts.



In Literacy, we will be labelling and writing short sentences.

In Maths, we will be doubling and solving some mathematical problems.

We are the McGregor Mile Winners!

We have won the trophy to keep in our classroom until the end of term.

We ran a total of 626.2 miles over the first half term in school. Wow!

'MacGregor Mile' medals were awarded to:

James, Sophia and Zack

Well done to them for trying so hard during the first half term