Year 1

Week Commencing June 17th 2019

Summer Term 2

Autumn term curriculum map








Week beginning 17/06/19 

In Maths we will learning about place value.

We will also be practising addition and subtraction skills.


This week in English, we will be writing traditional tales.


We are looking at Seasonal Changes and how the days are longer in the Summer Time.


In Geography we are looking at Wild Weather and how the weather affects us.



This week in Computing, we are making and editing videos


This week the star of the week is the whole class

for fantastic phonics work

Well done, Year 1!



Letter formation support

To support your child to form letter correctly please refer to the video below. Forming letters starting and finishing in the correct place will hep your child join their handwriting more naturally and eventually support spelling through muscle memory.


Maths pages  38 -39

Grammar page 20

Phonics pages 42- 43


Creative Homework





A note about reading

You will have noticed that we have begun sending two reading books home. These are a school library book and a home reader

The library book is a sharing book. This means that your child may find it difficult to read independently and they will need your help to read it. The purpose of this is to foster their love of reading and to allow them to enjoy books that are important for their development as readers and writers even though still a bit challinging to decode phonetically.

The home reader is a book that they can decode independently. They may still need a bit of help with some words but it is important that they read this book so that they can practise their phonics skills. This book is at a similar level of difficulty as the books assigned on Bug Club. 

Bug Club books will be still assigned and each reading teacher checks these once a week. If your child runs out of book they should get their next lot of book within the week. 

Finally, below I have included a quick reference guide to the different sections on the weekly pages in your child's diary as we noticed there was some confusion. Hope this helps. 

Thank you for all your support with reading at home, it really does make a difference to your child's progress.