Year 1


Week Commencing 11th November 2019

Autumn Term 

Congratulations to Kyrah, our star of the week! She has been chosen for her lovely, sociable personality and for being a role model to the other children for possessing the school values, particularly 'Caring', 'Emotionally Aware' and 'Hard Working.' She is a very friendly member of our class and Year 1 is lucky to have her.


All but two families have now signed up to the class dojo and both parents and I have found it a reliable way to pass messages. Thank you for your support with this. 


15.11.19 - Trip to the National Space Centre 

4.12.19 - Parents afternoon and evening

11.12.19 - Year 1 and 2 Christmas production at St Editha's


Representing numbers 6-10.


We will continue using our book, 'Bob,The Man in the Moon' to write our own recounts of an alien's day on the moon.



In Science we will be learning to group animals, looking closely at their diet.


We will prepare for our trip to the National space Centre on Friday, thinking of questions we would like to find answers to and making a list of areas we would like to go.


Begin work on programming.

Letter formation support

To support your child to form letters correctly please refer to the video below. Forming letters starting and finishing in the correct place will hep your child join their handwriting more naturally and eventually support spelling through muscle memory.


Creative Homework

The new creative homework sheet for Autumn 2 is coming home this week. Please read through the suggested activities and have a go at as many as you feel you can manage. Then bring in your work to share with the class and earn your Dojo points!


 N.B.  Reading 5 times a week and practising reading and writing the high frequency words on page 104 of your planner will earn the children 5 Dojo points every week. The pages at the back of the planner are a great resource, so please use them.



A note about reading

 The school library book will continue to be changed each week. All other books can now be found on the Oxford Reading Buddy. All details for logging onto your account is on the  login page at the front of the red Reading Diary.

The library book is a sharing book. This means that your child may find it difficult to read independently and they will need your help to read it. The purpose of this is to foster their love of reading and to allow them to enjoy books that are important for their development as readers and writers even though still a bit challinging to decode phonetically.

Thank you for all your support with reading at home, it really does make a difference to your child's progress.