Year 3


Week beginning 13/01/2020


In Maths, we will be partitioning 3 digit numbers in a variety of different ways, adding hundreds, tens and ones and multiplying by 10.

In English, we will be learning how to write a suspense story!


In Science, we will be continuing our Animals Including Humans topic, looking at where nutrients come from.

In Geography, we will be looking at where Egypt is on the map in relation to the equator!


In Computing, we are starting our new topic.

In Design and Technology, we will be learning about and designing a canopic jar.







Please use the Spelling Shed!

Trip to Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery - 3rd February 

Tamworth Library - 10th February 



Most Valuable Player


Take part in the battle this week!


Please use Oxford Reading Buddy!;jsessionid=517239F50C37FAE883100C967862796B?execution=e1s1

Maths (number bonds, up to 100 section)

Please use the Maths Shed!