Year 6

Autumn term curriculum map


Next Week's Learning

Week beginning: 15.10.18

Next week we will be writing our own version of the Earthquae story; adding our own elements as well as adjustments to the opening and ending of the story.

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Mrs Kang's group will be learning to write division remainders as fractions and decimals; as well as recapping and applying previous learning.

Miss Noakes' group will be moving on to fractions.

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We will continue to investigate light.

Week beginning: 8.10.18


Next week we will be getting better at writing a narrative. This time we will be writing a story about the famous 1906 earthquake that occurred in San Francisco.


We will be learning how to use common factors to simplify fractions and common multiples to find equivalents. 

Miss Noakes’ group: We will be learning about multiplication, division and fractions.


We will investigate light, in particular what happens to shadows when objects are moved closer or away from a light source.