School closure procedures

With the pending snow forecast for this week I thought it would be helpful to remind parents of our procedures should we need to close the school. 

At the earliest opportunity (this may be on the evening before or the morning), Mr Sutton and myself will carry out a risk assessment of the site and the surrounding roads and pavements to assess how safe the school site is and the journey to school. We will consult with Mrs Woodhouse, our Chair of Governors, to make a decision on whether we should close the school. When making the decision, we also have to consider if we have sufficient staff in school to ensure we are able to care for the children. Some of our staff travel a considerable distance to school.

If we do decide to close the school, I will notify the local authority, post a news item on our website and send a text at the earliest opportunity. Please wait for these notifications, rather than contatcting the school.  

If you have any questions regarding our procedures, please contact the school office.