Our Team

Senior Leadership Team

Suzie Norton
Natalie Jones
Deputy Headteacher

Class Teachers

Zoe Franks
SENCO and Yr2 class teacher
Abi Young
Maths and Music Leader and Yr4 class teacher
Emma Noakes
English Lead and Yr6 class teachers
Chris Massam
Sports Teacher
Annette McNerlin
Early Years Leader and Ladybirds class teacher
Tracy Lisseter
RE lead and PPA/CPD teacher
Jaspreet Kang
Science Leader and Yr6 class teacher
Chloe Cumiskey
IT Leader and Yr3 class teacher
Laura Marsh
History and Geography Leader and Yr5 class teacher

Office staff

Louise Woodhall
Clerical Assistant
Leeann Fitzpatrick
Clerical Assistant

Learning Support

Lisa Ford
Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Sarah Archer
Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Sophie Sutton
Ladybirds Pupil Welfare Support Assistant
Anneka Diaz
Inclusion Assistant
Becky Hobbs
Ladybirds Learning Support Assistant
Ginny Allen
Learning Support Assistant
Suzy Ford
Year 1 Inclusion Assistant
Brandon Moss
Level 3 TA and Sports Apprentice
Evie Conway
Year 2 Inclusion Assistant

Lunchtime Supervisors

Donna Summers
Lunchtime Supervisor
Fiona Allen
Senior Lunchtime Supervisor
Tracy Goodwin
Lunchtime Supervisor
Sarah Bannister
Lunchtime Supervisor
Aine Gardner
Lunchtime Supervisor
Vicki Carrigan
Lunchtime Supervisor

Dragonflies Before and After school childcare

Fiona Allen
Dragonflies Leader
Sarah Bannister
Dragonflies Support Teaching Assistant

Kitchen Staff

Jo Scattergood
Julie Darby

Site Supervisor

Russell Sutton
Site Supervisor and Lunchtime Supervisor