What School Governors Do

A school governing body has a strategic role in the development of the school, but does not become involved in day-to-day management issues – that is the role of the Head Teacher. Governors attend half termly meetings and carry out school visits to develop their understanding of the school and to enable them to fulfil their statutory duties relating to the conduct of the school.

Specifically Governors are there to:

Provide Clarity of ‘vision, ethos and strategic direction’ 
In providing the strategic direction governors help to set and maintain the broad framework within which the Head Teacher and the staff run the school. This should include high expectations of achievement, behaviour and conduct. Governors should also ensure that they take every effort to promote ‘British Values’ and encourage respect of all pupils in particular in relation to diversity.

Hold the Head Teacher to account
Governors provide the Head Teacher and by extension the Senior Leadership Team, with support by offering advice and information, but also to provide challenge. Specifically governors are responsible for holding the Head to account for the educational performance of all pupils and the school and also the effective performance management of the staff.
The governing body is there to monitor and evaluate the school’s effectiveness and governors should therefore be prepared to ask challenging questions.

To ensure financial accountability.
Governors are required to oversee that school finances are well spent and that expenditure is in support of the school and its vision.

To help achieve this individuals are given a ‘lead governor’ role in an area that they are skilled in or that interests them and which they are willing to develop in. This is an opportunity to focus on a specific area of school business alongside a member of the senior leadership team. The aim is to understand in-depth the link area along with the challenges and areas for development. To learn more about this please click on the links to the Structure of the Governing Body and Key Areas.